NSJV 2006: The Northern San Joaquin Valley Height Modernization Project 2006
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  • 2006: RFP# 0527RJB: The Northern San Joaquin Valley Height Modernization Project 2006
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  • 2004: This ambitious Height Modernization project encompasses the entire San Joaquin Valley of California, from Modesto in the North to Bakersfield in the South. The private contract for this project was awarded to Condor Earth Technologies in May of 2004. In addition to the extensive network observed by Condor, the California Department of Transportation has contributed 3 GPS subnetworks attached to the overall scope of the network - one project near Los Banos, another near Visalia, and an earthquake study in the vicinity of San Luis Obispo, which has been carried out to estimate the displacements resulting from the Paso Robles earthquake in late December of 2003. In addition to the GPS networks, Caltrans has run more than two hundred kilometers of precise leveling across the valley floor. (more)