USBR/USACE Folsom Lake Ht. Mod. Project (2005)
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  • Summary

    This project consisted of 33 stations around Folsom Lake, east of Sacramento. The project was bounded by Caltrans North Region Ht Mod stations on all four sides. 12 new stations were established in the project. The purpose of the project was to provide a uniform vertical reference system constrained to NAVD88 and to support GPS-controlled aerial photography of the lake and environs. The project is bounded on the east at Long. 120-50, on the west at Long. 121-18, on the north at Lat. 38-55, and, on the south at Lat. 38-29. There were six Primary Base Stations (PBS) including two CGPS sites. All but one were PBS sites used by Caltrans in its North Region Project. The sixth PBS site was a new station near the center of the project. In additionto the 32 project stations, USBR had asked that four additional stations be observed around the lake shoreline. These stations were selected to ensure line-of-sight around the lake for ongoing terrestrial operations and will be established by USBR.

    Contributed by: Don Donofrio